Stuff Your Stocking With Natural Gas Savings

f you’re in Georgia, you must be aware of the weather that’s waiting for you right around the corner. If 42F does not scare you much, wait for December when the weather is expected to fall below 25F.

According to reports, it was 36% colder last year compared to the year before. Some records may be broken this year as well with heavy snow expected in different parts of the state.

The interesting bit is that the falling temperature has a reverse relation with your gas consumption as the colder it gets, the more energy you will consume, as highlighted in our Georgia’s Natural Gas Light Up Season blog.

In the previous blog, we talked about how gas is about to be expensive. If you haven’t started preparing already, you still have some time on your hands.

Let’s know more:

How Stocking Can Help You Save Money

While the end consumer does not have the ability to store or stock natural gas, you have the option to signup for a long-term (minimum 12 months) with a gas provider to enjoy special rates or discounts.

The natural gas market in Georgia is very competitive right now. While this may sound like a bad thing for providers, it’s an excellent opportunity for consumers as they get to enjoy lower rates and special discount offers.

Let’s have a look at two excellent saving opportunities:

Georgia Natural Gas – $150 Gift Card

The company is providing you with an option to save money. Sign up for any of the programs (12 months or longer) and enjoy a $150 Visa Reward Card.

You only need to be an active consumer for a period of twelve months to enjoy this amazing discount offer. You can switch today with no interruptions at all.

The service requires no signup fees or deposit and the company will even pay you $150 to cover any exit charges from your current provider.

Remember to enroll and make sure to use the code “VISA150” to avail the offer. You can also call 888-211-8322 for more information.

Scana Energy Lowers Rates

Another company offering excellent discounts this year is Scana Energy. With a rate of 0.369per therm, it’s the most affordable option in the region.

You can signup for a period of twelve or eighteen months and enjoy great rates. In addition to this, the company is also offering Shopping Rewards (4% cashback) and Friendship Rewards ($50 gift cards).

With no tough eligibility criteria, it’s an excellent opportunity to opt for an affordable plan and save money. Call 1-877-467-2262 for more details.

Which Option Should I Go For?

If you think from a financial perspective then there’s not much difference between the two. You will save almost an equal amount of money.

The only difference is that with Scana you will enjoy a lower rate, whereas, with GNG, you will get a gift card, which can be good for the holiday season.

At BillPay of America, we work hard to help you save money by helping you reduce your bills and finding you saving opportunities. Call 323-686-8410 today to know more about how our services can benefit you.

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