Georgia’s Natural Gas Light Up Season

If you’re struggling with gas bills then get ready for tougher times because light up season is just round the corner.

Natural resources are expensive – they deplete at a rapid pace – and you need to be responsible when it comes to usage.

We spend a lot on energy, which does not only put financial pressure on us but also cost the natural gas company.

We basically pay the gas company to deliver the gas to our homes, which we use to heat up the house and perform other jobs. The cost depends on the number of units consumed. These are measured in BTUs.

In 2016, the average American household consumed about 63 million BTUs, costing $604 per house. However, the interesting bit is that the amount of gas that you consume and the dollar amount you pay for the consumption changes from state to state, depending on weather conditions and relevant regulations.

If you live in Georgia, chances are you will pay more for your gas consumption when compared to the residents of North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho.The difference gets even more noticeable during winters, which we call ‘the light up season’.

Why Do We Pay More During Winters?

It’s basic. The more energy you consume, the more you have to pay. Plus, the basic demand and supply concept also comes into play. The more demand there is for gas, the higher will be the price.

As highlighted in our previous blog, you have the option to go for a fixed price, which prevents your bill from getting affected by a change in price due to weather conditions and other such reasons.

This is a good option to prevent your bill from going up, however, it may also backfire if you end up consuming more energy than what your package allows as the cost for every additional unit can be quite high.

When Is The Light Up Season?

It’s usually between October to December when the temperature in Georgia can get cold. It’s the transition from warm to cold.

This makes it difficult to transport gas, which is why companies often increase the price. Plus, the consumption also increases since you have to use more energy to keep the house warm.

The transition is seen in all the states. In fact, PGW sees a 20% increase in the number of turn-on service requests during this period. People use more energy to cook more, especially due to the holiday season. They suddenly start to use gas-run appliances that were lying around all year.

According to a report, appliance repair orders also increase by about 450% during this period for the same reason.

What Should I Do to Control my Bill?

Reduce energy consumption, however, that may not always be feasible especially when it’s freezing cold. Your best option is to get in touch with us Bill Pay of America and get your rate lowered before the temperature worsens.

You have to be worried even if you’re not spending a lot on energy presently because your consumption will anyway increase during winters. You must make a move today and negotiate a lower rate.

We can help you do that with our bill reduction services. Do not wait for once you get the bill, you must get in touch with us today so we can negotiate a lower rate for the light up season.


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